Kingdom Disciple Assessment

The Kingdom Disciple Assessment offers a personal self-assessment tool that guides users through a reflective process, helping them gauge their growth and commitment as disciples.

This intuitive and insightful resource is freely available, making it an invaluable addition to any ministry’s website for fostering deeper engagement and self-awareness within the community.

Take the first step towards deeper self-awareness and engagement in your community.

Embark on a transformative spiritual journey with Kingdom Disciple Assessment. Discover where you stand on your path and unlock insights into your personal growth.

Personal Commitment

It emphasizes the importance of a personal decision to follow God, allowing one's commitment to influence all aspects of life

Spiritual Development

The assessment is part of a spiritual-developmental process that guides individuals to progressively live under the lordship of Jesus

Transformation and Influence

The goal is to live transformed lives that not only embody the values of the kingdom of God but also replicate these values in others, thereby extending God's rule and authority from heaven to history through His disciples