God Foundations plugin

Provide more resources and opportunities for your people to learn, grow, and apply God’s word in their lives.

Help your community grow in God with
god foundations

God Foundations are a set of lessons that you can simply plug into your website.  They teach people how to grow in seven key areas of their faith, such as their relationship with God, their devotion to loving their neighbor, their service, and fellowship. 

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Free Plugin to Foster Faith and Growth in Your Community

God Foundations is a plugin that you can use on your website, allowing your people to access simple, non-sectarian, easy to understand lessons that are interactive, engaging, and practical. The lessons can be done individually or as part of a group.

Get full access to the book: god foundations with the premium plan

Upgrade to God Foundations Plugin Premium: Integrate the complete book text into your site for enriching course content at an affordable monthly rate. Gain the added benefit of the My Life Recorder tool for online progress tracking in your spiritual journey.

Easy installation

Install and activate the plugin in just a few clicks, without any coding or technical skills required.

Comprehensive Lessons

Offers a series of lessons that cover seven key areas of faith development, including relationship with God, neighborly love, service, and fellowship.

Interactive Learning

Provides interactive, engaging, and practical lessons that can be completed individually or in group settings.

Curriculum Flexibility

Serves as a standalone curriculum or as a supplement to existing teaching materials, adaptable to your ministry's needs.

Progress Tracking

Includes the "My Life Recorder" feature, enabling users to track their spiritual growth and stay motivated on their faith journey.

Non-Sectarian Content

Offers simple, easy-to-understand, non-denominational lessons, making it accessible and applicable to a broad audience.