Church Connection

Fostering Spiritual Growth and Community Bonds. Connect, Share, and Grow with Your Church Family

Church Connection

Church Connection is an innovative digital platform designed to enhance the way churches engage with their congregations. It’s a private social media network that acts as an extension of your church’s website.

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Church Connection - Your Church's Social Media

In the digital era, as the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds blur, the church’s presence online becomes as significant as its physical steeple. ‘Church Connection’ is not merely a tool; it’s a digital extension of your church’s embrace, reaching out to members wherever they are

Customize Your Own Profile

Set up your profile quickly and easily. Show your congregation who you are with just a few clicks.

Create Private Groups

Create exclusive groups for the members of your congregation and share private posts, documents, announcements and galleries.

Document Sharing

Document sharing lets you easily distribute files, photos, videos, and audio to your congregation or specific groups within your church.

Activity Timeline

Post your thoughts on your timeline for others to see, with the option to adjust visibility to everyone, just signed-in users, or a select group.

For an exclusive experience tailored to your church,
Upgrade to Premium!

Custom Domain: Align your website’s domain with the platform for a fluid browsing experience.

Customized Appearance: Tailor the platform’s design to complement your website’s style.

Exclusive Access: Restrict profile creation to your community members only.

Unlimited Groups: Form as many groups as needed to serve the diverse segments of your church.

Dedicated Support: Count on continuous assistance from Kingdom for any technical issues.

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